The FishBoy Project: LAUNCH!

Here is the deal - 
FishBoy is a free Rig for you to animate like crazy! Download the rig and enjoy. You can find a Rig Demo Below as well as a PDF with information about controls and Terms of Use. For your enjoyment, give those a read.

Kiva is a program setup to give micro-loans to people starting small businesses. Follow the link above to join The FishBoy Team!

If you invest with Kiva, you will get it back! How about that! You may loose some pennies here and there due to exchange rates but 99.9% of your investment is going to come back. Kiva is not a place to make money but it is a place to help people. 

We are all here, working hard because of our desire to have something better. The same is true for the people you will help with Kiva. Please remember how much you truly have as you pursue your dreams and consider lending a hand to help fight hunger and poverty.

Download FishBoy and Join the FishBoy Kiva Team to help people around the world! 
Download FishBoy Here!
Join Kiva Here!


  1. : O amazing work very well, and the song is great for the subject, as it is called?

  2. Great job bud! Amazing character!

  3. Hey Andy!

    Great Character, Love it. Would really like to do some Subtle Lip-sync Animation with this guy, but I'm finding a few rigging issues that might cause problems down the road whilst animating. Most noticeably the Right eye blink blend-shape seems to move the mouth.

    All in all, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Chase,

    There will be a version 2.0 with some addition stuff coming out as soon as we get some Kiva support!


  5. Great rig Andy! Seems like a really fun and flexible character so far! I'm currently seeking work or I'd contribute to the Kiva, but I'd also love to see the eye blink thing sorted. A quick way to disable geometry selectability would be nice as well.


  6. Thanks Andy, Can't wait till v2.0.
    Appreciate what you're doing doing.



  7. Hey dude, awesome rig, I love the character design!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Fantastic! By far my favorite and most organic rig I've used in Maya. I found it by seeing the winner of the 11 Second Club for August.

  9. Hi!!
    This is a very short animation test I've done with your rig:

    Thanks for everything you're doing !!!!!


  10. hey, my fishboy rig is not opening in maya.
    it is saying "error have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss please check the script editor for details"
    maya 2010.
    please help me, i want to animate with this rig.

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  12. Really nice rig ! But if your planing on making an other version, it would be even better if that little guy had UVs....

  13. Hi, This rig is amazing , I just wish to work with it on maya 2010 , but it's not so? Please let me know!! XD

  14. Really great rig. thank you very much Andrew